4 Steps 2 Resolve Pain

1. Seek Expert Advice

Tired of not knowing why you hurt or what is wrong?  A proper evaluation and assessment of the body in its entirety can lead to a better understanding of the cause of your pain.  Seeking professional advice will help identify the source of the symptoms to determine what to do and what not to do to get better.

2. Learn about your injury

Modern health care recognizes that your understanding of your condition and recovery often go hand in hand. You would probably agree that your behavior can impact both your pain and recovery. As it turns out, your understanding of your condition, or lack thereof, greatly impacts how you behave. And thus how you recover. Knowledge is power!

3. Get yourself pain-free “windows of opportunity”

Giving the brain a window of opportunity where it does not produce a pain response is important to break the pain-cycle. There are many ways interrupt this pain cycle including but not limited to chiropractic adjustments, exercise and relaxation techniques. Generally, a period of passive care or chiropractic adjustments coupled with active care or home-strategies is an approach to becoming pain-free.

4. Condition your body to prevent recurrence

Once the pain-cycle has been disrupted and you are feeling somewhat symptom-free it is important to condition the body to prevent recurrence.  Despite common trends in the fitness world, conditioning is not necessarily pumping iron and building muscle mass. Fundamental change will occur with specific exercises that aim at improving your proprioceptive or balance system and your spinal stabilizing muscles as well as creating significant change in your nervous system. We can help you familiarize yourself with these strengthening techniques and coping strategies in order to achieve a better overall quality of life.

Do you want a specific recovery plan tailored to YOUR pain?

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